Opti-Logic GL Rangefinder for Golf

Opti-logic Insight GL
Opti-Logic has come out with a new series of golf laser rangefinders which, similar to Bushnell, offers an internal pin sensoring technology which locks onto the flag stick to permit easy for all. According to Opti-logic and others around the web, Point and shoot can’t be any simpler. The manufacturer believe they’ve mastered the KIS concept (Keep It Simple). Just press a button, point at the flag and release. That’s it. nothing could be simpler or easier. Pinpointing a flag, bunker, hazard, tree line and a lot more, is as easy as point and shoot. No reflectors. No hesitation.


Min Range: 4 yards
Max Range: 1200 Yards yards (to a reflector)
800 yards (reflector-less) (mode 1)
exceeds 250 yards to a flag
Repeatability & Resolution:+/- 1 yard/meter
Precision: +/- 1 yard/meter
Size: 1.5″x4″x5″
Weight: Less than 11oz.
Warranty: 2 Years
Supplied with: Durable Carrying Case and Battery

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