Nikon Monarch 1200 Rangefinder

Nikon’s Monarch Gold Laser 1200 laser rangefinder 8358.

With the manufacturing of the Nikon Monarch 1200, the company has progressed in laser range finder design and functionality — this unit is a pocket-sized, 100% waterproof, fogproof unit made especially for western hunters and others who are looking for long range precision and long term durability.

The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser1200™ provides hunters with a new level of extreme range measurement accuracy that can pinpoint 1/2-yard precision up to 550-yards and one yard accuracy to 1200-yards.  The Nikon 8358 Monarch Gold rangefinder sets itself apart as the obvious choice for small and big game hunters alike who require extremely accurate long range measurements of targets that exceed distances of a half-mile away. The rangefinder features Nikon’s trademark Tru-Target™ (TT) Ranging System which permits hunters to prioritize smaller and harder to range targets at the push of a button. The reticle of the devices signals the user when ranging is in progress.

nikon monarch rangefinder

The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser1200 also utilizes Nikon’s original digital measurement process to provide a faster, more accurate measurements in severe hunting conditions. Since this Nikon rangefinder is unaffected by extremes in temperatures, a consistent ranging can be accomplished even in the toughest situations. The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser 1200 laser range-finder can measure distances in either yards or meters, and incorporates a full scanning capability.  The unit also has an automatic power shutoff which kicks on after the reading has been displayed for 8 seconds.

The Nikon 5.7 x 3.2 Laser1200 has a selectable backlighting feature in the LCD display and Nikon’s 7-power multicoated optics for improved light transmission, color rendition, and clarity. The display also shows the user how much battery power is remaining. Utilizing a 25 millimeter objective lens, this Nikon rangefinder provides an exit pupil of 3.6mm for maximum brightness under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

The eyepiece of the Nikon Monarch Gold Laser rangefinder 1200 is adjustable, with a range of &#43/- 4 diopters, and offers an incredible 18.6mm of eye relief– and it even folds down for use with eyeglasses. In addition, the Nikon Monarch Laser1200 has a real angle of view of 5.0 degrees, translating to a 35 degree apparent angle of view and a field of view of 262 feet at 1,000 yards. Ther is also an easy-to-grip black rubber-armored body. 

Reviews from Cabelas

"Just had the rangefinder a short while and I am impressed with the optics and operability. Have been able to range everything I aimed at out to 1000 yards. It is hard to hold steady at long distances but so are my binocs and spotting scope. The operation is simple enough that I could figure it out without a lot of stress. It works good on the golf course and I look forward to trying it hunting when I get back to the states."

"I recently purchased and returned a competitor’s top end rangefinder. Too difficult to use the dang thing, dim display, no luck ranging objects even when using a tripod.

I borrowed my buddy’s Nikon Monarch for a side by side comparison. No contest, the Nikon Monarch beat my original rangefinder hands down. Simple to use out of the box, easy to read display, the Monarch even picks up targets at night under streetlights, the Monarch is a very good product, also a few bucks less as well.

My new Monarch just arrived. Works great!"

"Have owned two years. Antelope hunt in Wyoming 2008, the Monarch maximum range was 565 yards off large rocks and walls. Definitely no readings off animals or the sagebrush to the needed distance. Nothing even close to the advertised 1200 yards. I have regrets. Accurate to the 565 yards though."

Gold Laser 1200 Rangefinder

The 1200 rangefinder is powered by a CR-2 lithium battery (which is included). It also has a backlit LCD that is 7X multicoated optics with focusing diopter.

Nikon Monarch 1200

It also features long-standing eye-relief for comfortable range. Waterproof instruments also have water immersion nous. Nikon’s Tru-Target ranging set of laws allows for true ranging in all situation by means of far out as 1200 yards.