Bushnell Elite 1500 with Arc Rangefinder Mossy Oak

The Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC Mossy Oak Laser Rangefinder belongs to well-known Bushnell Elite series.  The Elite series are terrific rangefinders for hunting. 

Bushnell Elite 1500 Laser Range Finder one of the finest laser rangefinders on the planet. This Bushnell laser range finder is accurate from 5 to 1,500 yards. The Elite 1500 range finder features bright, razor-sharp images, and a selective target system. It is very sterdy and impervious to the elements, with the all-weather clarity of Rainguard and an internal LED for low light. The Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC Laser Rangefinder is a new model with Angle Range Compensation (ARC) that accounts for steep terrain and calculates bullet drop. You simply can’t do any better than this one.  The mossy oak finish on this one makes it easier to hide in the brush while stalking your prey.

bushnell elite 1500 with arc rangefinder reviews and ratings

  • Built-in inclinometer. Angle Range Compensation (ARC) – Extreme up- and downhill angles alter true horizontal distance to your target. ARC accounts for the terrain angle when calculating distance, so you know precisely how to shoot the range. No guesswork. Just backstraps. 
  • Bow mode – provides true horizontal distance from 5 to 99 yards
  • Rifle mode – provides bullet-drop/ holdover data in inches from 100 to 600 yards
  • BullsEye mode – displays the distance of closest object
  • Brush mode – displays the distance of background objects
  • Standard SCAN mode
  • 100% waterproof, fogproof
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Twist-up eyepiece
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Rubber armored

Like new Bushnell Elite 1500 rangefinder

Bought this before the start of this season, but it’s a little "overkill" for me. Works great, I have ranged stuff out to 1496 or 97 yards. Comes with all paperwork and manuals,as well as the original box.

Review of the Elite 1500

The range finder I currently have is the faithful Bushnell Elite 1500. I have used it to range a reflective target out to 1660 yards and trees out to 1115 yards in ideal conditions. But, I found this range finder to be interesting at calculating the up and down of the shot.

Elite 1500 Rangefinder with ARC MONBU Rangefinder

Rangefinder what a well made item. I looked for over 6 months trying to narrow down what to buy and finally bought Bushnell Elite 1500 Rngfndr w ARC MONBU Rangefinder.