Leica Range Finder

Lieica Camera AG has produced a laser-assisted rangefinder, the Leica Pin Master rangefinder, that has been specifically designed for golfers.  The flag stick and other obstacles around the golf course can be precisely measured to within one yard from a distance of 218 yards. It has a magnification of 7x which will help player choose the right club and will also give an indication as to driving distance as well.

This is a compact and handy Leica golf rangefinder that will aide the golfer on an unfamiliar course.  This is good for training as well as the golfer cn determine how far his average shot fro each club will go.

leica range finders

 Leica Golf Pinmaster Laser Rangefinder

The professional laser rangefinder from Leica is a precision optical instrument that was designed specifically for the sport of golf. With the push of a button, it tells you exactly how far away you are from our target.

Optical Versus Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders are more accurate but optical rangefinders are more reliable. Golf and hunting laser rangefinders need to be set up differently. … Hunting rangefinders should give the furthest distance measured (to ignore branches in the foreground). Golf rangefinders should give the closest distance measured (to ignore trees in the background). Some rangefinders can be switched to either mode. Popular brands include Bushnell (Pinseeker), Nikon, Leupold and Leica.