Opti-Logic GL Rangefinder for Golf

Opti-logic Insight GL
Opti-Logic has come out with a new series of golf laser rangefinders which, similar to Bushnell, offers an internal pin sensoring technology which locks onto the flag stick to permit easy for all. According to Opti-logic and others around the web, Point and shoot can’t be any simpler. The manufacturer believe they’ve mastered the KIS concept (Keep It Simple). Just press a button, point at the flag and release. That’s it. nothing could be simpler or easier. Pinpointing a flag, bunker, hazard, tree line and a lot more, is as easy as point and shoot. No reflectors. No hesitation.


Min Range: 4 yards
Max Range: 1200 Yards yards (to a reflector)
800 yards (reflector-less) (mode 1)
exceeds 250 yards to a flag
Repeatability & Resolution:+/- 1 yard/meter
Precision: +/- 1 yard/meter
Size: 1.5″x4″x5″
Weight: Less than 11oz.
Warranty: 2 Years
Supplied with: Durable Carrying Case and Battery

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Nikon Rangefinder Reviews – 7431

Detailed Review Of Nikon 7431 Lasercaddy 500g Rangefinder

Are you a Golf player? Do you find it hard to guess the distance to the golf pin from where you are? Then you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder.

Because you’ll discover this laser rangefinder a wonderful gadget made specially for golf. It has excellent features and not expensive!

The software of this laser rangefinder reads the closest target perfectly. This enables readings to the pin itself, rather than trees, golfers or whatever else behind the green.

The automatic scanning feature updates the distance. That is, you may have a reading on the pin. Then look over to find how long it is to clear a bunker or to reach the front of the green etc.

All these features are blended in this compact laser rangefinder. You’ll find it very comfortable to carry as it is just 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5. in size. It also provides you 6x magnification. For non-reflective targets, its ranges is 11 to 550 yards. LCD rating have good contrast.

A CR-2 battery runs this laser rangefinder. This battery downs itself in case you won’t use it for eight seconds.

It’s a pleasure to take this range finder to the driving range to discover how long you can hit every club. This laser rangefinder also excellent to speed up the golf play. No more using of yardage markers.

The most happiest thing to keep in mind is that the USGA accepts devices which measure the distance. So keep with you this laser range finder that helps you choose the right club, more importantly, helps you decide the range of each club.

Concluding, though you can get many high-priced rangefinders, you needn’t spend money lavishly when you can get the same at the moderate prices.

Hopefully this information is helpful to buy the Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder that is wonderful. When you hold this in your hand, judging the distance is no more a problem to you. Your win is certain.

By: Jerry Taylor

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Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder Review

To overcome this situation, and to win the game easily, you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder. You’ll find the Nikon 500G Laser Rangefinder suitable. Because it’s designed specifically for golf and provides good features for the golfer.

Nikon Lasercaddy 500g Rangefinder

Then you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder. Because you’ll discover this laser rangefinder a wonderful gadget made specially for golf. It has excellent features and not expensive.