Leica PinMaster II Golf Rangefinder

So Leica has a new and improved version of their golf rangefinder. This new and improved rangefinder has the same type of feel and balance as its predecessor.  This model measures distances in both yards and meters and provides a switch so that golfers can swap between yardage and metric measurements to the pin.  The new model has an updated LED which allows the user to easily spot the distance in bright sunshine, mist, or dusk — a much better viewing area than the previous model.

Leica Pinmaster II

Leica put an special AquaDura coating on the lens so that dirt and water does not stick to the glass.  They have also reinforced the cover so that it can withstand hard use and it is also waterproof which will keep in dry in depths of 3.3 feet.  This is definitely a rangefinder worth looking at.

Leupold RX-1000i TBR Compact Digital Laser Rangefinder with DNA

The new Leupold RX1000i Compact Range Finder is designed to provide uncompromised ranging accuracy with a whole host of features that deliver the best performance possible. The Leupold TBR Compact Range Finder featuresa high performance DNA (digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine, which gives archers True Ballistic Range (TBR) readings of up to 125 yards to the nearest 1/10th yard. This range finder has multicoated optics, weatherproofing, selectable reticles, and fold-down rubber eyecups for eyeglasses wearers. This Leupold range finder also is a cool compact design with an intuitive quick set menu for fast and easy adjustments while in the field. This range finder is optimized for archery. You can select different reticles and choose measurements in yards or meters with this laser range finder. The built-in inclinometer, paired with rangefinder, and an advanced computerized ballistics program for the ultimate Leupold range finder. What more can you ask for? Maximize your hunting efficiency with this Leupold Compact Digital Laser Rangefinder using the accurate ranging and vivid OLED display for a crystal clear view.

leupold range finder

USGA / R&A ruling on Rangefinders

As the governing authorities for the Rules of Golf, R&A Rules Limited (“The R&A” or Royal and Ancient Golf Club i.e. St. Andrews) and the United States Golf Association (“USGA”) issued a ‘Joint Statement of Principles’ on the Rules with regard to golf equipment in May 2002. The principles that they outlined continue to be relevant to the game and have proved to be invaluable in guiding the governing authorities’ actions since their publication eight years ago.

Since then, the effects of advancing equipment technology on the playing of the game have spread way beyond golf clubs and golf balls to electronic devices, especially devices that measure distance. The R&A and USGA are aware that the subject of distance measurement has attracted wide ranging comment and quite a number of conflicting views. It is of the greatest importance to golf’s continuing appeal that such advances are judged against clearly articulated principles that are designed to preserve the integrity of the sport.

Distance Information

In an historical context, the game of golf has seen progressive developments in the means by which distance information is available to golfers. From the early days when selecting a club was a matter of human judgment, the use of yardage books and hole location sheets and reference to on course markings has increased significantly. I remember when you were lucky to have a 150 yardage marker on the hole. Now, many course mark every sprinkler head. Most recently, the use of distance-measuring devices has become more widespread.
The R&A and USGA first allowed the use of distance-measuring devices in January 2006. Prior to this, while the use of yardage books was permitted, the use of distance-measuring devices was prohibited by Rule 14-3. The change introduced in 2006 permitted the committee in charge of a competition or course to introduce a Local Rule allowing distance measuring devices. A very important proviso of this permission is that the device must measure distance only; it must not also measure other conditions such as wind speed or direction, the slope of the ground or the temperature.

The Rules and their Purpose
While now accepting this development in the provision of distance information, The R&A and USGA will remain vigilant when considering the Rules on distance-measuring devices. As with the equipment Rules, the purpose of these Rules is to protect golf’s best traditions, to
prevent an over-reliance on technological advances rather than skill, and to ensure that skill is the dominant element of success throughout the game.  Allowing the use of a measuring device to provide the same information that can be obtained through use of a yardage book or on-course markings is not considered to diminish the skill level required to play the game.  (Imagine that)  The R&A and USGA feel that the current practice of permitting distance measuring devices by Local Rule remains appropriate.   Under the present circumstances, The R&A and USGA are not advocating that this common practice should be changed and neither The R&A nor USGA plan to introduce the Local Rule at any of their championships.

A Clarification of the Rules
The emergence of multi-functional devices that can provide additional information to golfers (that could, for example, further help the golfer to determine how to make his next stroke or that could otherwise affect his playing of the game) is a relatively new development.  For
the avoidance of doubt, the governing bodies do not believe that it is necessary or appropriate for the Rules of Golf to allow all such devices.  The following points clarify how the Rules will be applied:
1. Distance measuring devices (i.e. devices whose primary function is to measure distance) may continue to be used only if the Local Rule is in effect.
2. When the Local Rule is in effect, distance measuring devices must be limited to measuring distance only. The use of a distance measuring device would constitute a breach of the Rules if:
· The device has the capability of gauging or measuring other conditions that might affect play (e.g. wind speed, gradient, temperature, etc), or;
· The device has some other non-conforming feature, including, but not limited to, recommendations that might assist the player in making a stroke or in his play, such as club selection, type of shot to be played (e.g. punch shot, pitch and run, etc.), or green reading (i.e. a recommended line of putt), or other advice-related matters. However, it is permissible to use such a device, during a stipulated round, to access distance information from previous rounds that has been processed prior to the commencement of the current round (e.g. a chart of all club yardages), or;
· The device has the capability to assist in calculating the effective distance between two points (i.e. distance after considering gradient, wind speed and/or direction, temperature or other environmental factors). There would be a breach of the Rules even if all of the above features can be switched off or disengaged, and in fact are switched off or disengaged.
3. Multi-functional devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, etc (i.e. devices that are primarily communication devices, but which may have other potential uses) may be used as follows:
· The device may be used for any non-golfing purpose (e.g. as a communication tool to phone, text or email), subject to any club / course
regulations and the Rules on accessing advice-related matters – see Decision 14-3/16.
· When the Local Rule is in effect, a distance measuring application may be used, provided the specific application is restricted to “distance only” and the device does not have any other “non-conforming” features. This is the case even if these other features are not being used. As above, the Rules on advice-related communications (including the use of the internet) still apply.

The R&A and USGA have no intention to permit the use of electronic devices to go beyond the current Rules and interpretations. This means that distance-measuring devices and applications will be limited to distance information only.  If a device that is being used for distance-measuring purposes has any additional features, all such features must conform to the Rules of Golf.
All manufacturers of distance-measuring products are encouraged to submit their devices or applications to the appropriate governing body for a ruling

Opti-Logic GL Rangefinder for Golf

Opti-logic Insight GL
Opti-Logic has come out with a new series of golf laser rangefinders which, similar to Bushnell, offers an internal pin sensoring technology which locks onto the flag stick to permit easy for all. According to Opti-logic and others around the web, Point and shoot can’t be any simpler. The manufacturer believe they’ve mastered the KIS concept (Keep It Simple). Just press a button, point at the flag and release. That’s it. nothing could be simpler or easier. Pinpointing a flag, bunker, hazard, tree line and a lot more, is as easy as point and shoot. No reflectors. No hesitation.


Min Range: 4 yards
Max Range: 1200 Yards yards (to a reflector)
800 yards (reflector-less) (mode 1)
exceeds 250 yards to a flag
Repeatability & Resolution:+/- 1 yard/meter
Precision: +/- 1 yard/meter
Size: 1.5″x4″x5″
Weight: Less than 11oz.
Warranty: 2 Years
Supplied with: Durable Carrying Case and Battery

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Nikon 350 Rangefinder

nikon 350, nikon 350g

The Specs:

  • Compact, high-performance laser rangefinder specifically designed for golf
  • First Target Priority Mode enables easy measurement of the distance to your target pin at the golf course
  • Depressing the POWER button provides 8-second continuous measurement, which enables measurement even with slight hand movement.
  • Measurement range: 10-500m (11-550 yd.)
  • Distance measurement display step is 0.5m (shorter than 100m/yd.)
  • High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images
  • Easy one-push measurement after the power is turned on
  • High-eye point design affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing
  • Compact, lightweight design enables easy, single-hand operation
  • Diopter adjustment function
  • Capable of distancing different targets in succession with a single press of the button.
  • Waterproof (up to 1 meter for 10 minutes), but not for underwater usage; the battery chamber is water resistant.
  • Wide temperature tolerance: -10ºC to +50ºC

The Nikon Laser 350G is compact and very easy to use and, of course, has been specifically designed for golf.

First Target Priority mode enables easy measurement of the distance to the target even against a background of trees or buildings. And by ‘target’ it doesn’t have to be the flag. Distances to water/bunker hazards or angles of a dogleg can also be easily measured.

It’s also waterproof, measures from 11 to 550 yards and thanks to the R&A’s recently amended ruling on range finders (Rule 14-3B)* it’s now a legal addition to your golf bag.

One other consideration is that it can also be utilised at the practice ground. Hit each club 10 times, discount your bad shots and record the distance to the good shots, then simply take the average.

In summary, if your preference is for a laser rangefinder, the Nikon Laser 350G is an excellent, and very affordable, option.

If, however, you’re prepared to pay a little more, the Nikon Laser 350G also has a more advanced brother – the 550A S – more suited to the serious amateur and professional.

It takes distance measurement one-step further by allowing for the slope of the golf course terrain. That means that if you have an uphill or downhill shot to play, the Nikon Laser 550A S will take into account both height distances and slope angles and adjust your yardage to the pin accordingly.

Note that, at present, it is only legal for use in practice, not in competition play.

Brunton Echo 440 Laser Rangefinder

It’s been almost two decades since Brunton developed one of the first rangefinders on the market.  The technology is much improved since then and the Echo rangefinder is a testament to how far Brunton has come. With this laser rangefinder, you can measure distance with one-yard accuracy all the way down to 15 yards and out to 440 yards in two modes:  Rain mode and Scan mode.

brunton rangefinder

Product Features

  • 440 Yard Ranging Capability for Most Hunting Situations with + or – 1 Yard Accuracy for a More Precise Distance Measurement
  • Comes with 6x Magnification for a Close and Clear View, 12 mm Exit Pupil, 3.8 mm Eye Relief, Field of View Angle, and Fold-down Eye Cup
  • Water Resistant Construction for More Durable Use in Poor Weather Conditions and Multi Coated Lenses
  • Includes Lens Covers, Wrist Strap Lanyard and Case
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Leica Range Finder

Lieica Camera AG has produced a laser-assisted rangefinder, the Leica Pin Master rangefinder, that has been specifically designed for golfers.  The flag stick and other obstacles around the golf course can be precisely measured to within one yard from a distance of 218 yards. It has a magnification of 7x which will help player choose the right club and will also give an indication as to driving distance as well.

This is a compact and handy Leica golf rangefinder that will aide the golfer on an unfamiliar course.  This is good for training as well as the golfer cn determine how far his average shot fro each club will go.

leica range finders

 Leica Golf Pinmaster Laser Rangefinder

The professional laser rangefinder from Leica is a precision optical instrument that was designed specifically for the sport of golf. With the push of a button, it tells you exactly how far away you are from our target.

Optical Versus Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders are more accurate but optical rangefinders are more reliable. Golf and hunting laser rangefinders need to be set up differently. … Hunting rangefinders should give the furthest distance measured (to ignore branches in the foreground). Golf rangefinders should give the closest distance measured (to ignore trees in the background). Some rangefinders can be switched to either mode. Popular brands include Bushnell (Pinseeker), Nikon, Leupold and Leica.

Cheap Range Finders

There are a few low cost range finders that you can pick up that will do the trick in terms of estimating yardages.  Yes, I said estimating as these range finders have the yardage marked inside the lens that will estimate the distance using the height of the pin.

cheap rangefinders

One of these range finders is the The Barska Blueline 8×22 AA10199 Golf Scope Waterproof Ruby Lens Clam Monoculars.  You can estimate the range to the pin with the internal distance range-finding reticle. Its convenient non-slip rubber grip and waterproof coating helps you handle the tiny Barska Blueline Golf Scope Waterproof Ruby Lens Clam Monoculars with amazing ease. With a range of 50 to 200 yards, this little Barska Blueline 8×22 monocular is rather big on clarity, quality and convenience.

rangefinders at cheap price

The Bushness 5×20 golf scope is another range finder that works in the same fashion. The Golf Scope is a small, 5x magnification monocular that has an internal reticle that makes estimating the distance to the pin fast and easy within a range of 50 to 200 yards.

cheap rangefinder

Golf Rangefinders Improve Your Game

Using a golf rangefinder in your golf game can help your game in several ways. Knowing your club distances is the number one way a golf rangefinder can help your golf game. Head out to the driving range and hit each club a certain  distance.

Spotting Scope Golf Range Finder

Hand held range finder fits neatly in the palm of your hand and can be easily stowed in a pocket, golf bag, backpack or glove compartment; The sleek rubber housing protects the fully coated optics from minor jostles and bumps that you find on the course.

Nikon Monarch 1200 Rangefinder

Nikon’s Monarch Gold Laser 1200 laser rangefinder 8358.

With the manufacturing of the Nikon Monarch 1200, the company has progressed in laser range finder design and functionality — this unit is a pocket-sized, 100% waterproof, fogproof unit made especially for western hunters and others who are looking for long range precision and long term durability.

The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser1200™ provides hunters with a new level of extreme range measurement accuracy that can pinpoint 1/2-yard precision up to 550-yards and one yard accuracy to 1200-yards.  The Nikon 8358 Monarch Gold rangefinder sets itself apart as the obvious choice for small and big game hunters alike who require extremely accurate long range measurements of targets that exceed distances of a half-mile away. The rangefinder features Nikon’s trademark Tru-Target™ (TT) Ranging System which permits hunters to prioritize smaller and harder to range targets at the push of a button. The reticle of the devices signals the user when ranging is in progress.

nikon monarch rangefinder

The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser1200 also utilizes Nikon’s original digital measurement process to provide a faster, more accurate measurements in severe hunting conditions. Since this Nikon rangefinder is unaffected by extremes in temperatures, a consistent ranging can be accomplished even in the toughest situations. The Nikon Monarch Gold Laser 1200 laser range-finder can measure distances in either yards or meters, and incorporates a full scanning capability.  The unit also has an automatic power shutoff which kicks on after the reading has been displayed for 8 seconds.

The Nikon 5.7 x 3.2 Laser1200 has a selectable backlighting feature in the LCD display and Nikon’s 7-power multicoated optics for improved light transmission, color rendition, and clarity. The display also shows the user how much battery power is remaining. Utilizing a 25 millimeter objective lens, this Nikon rangefinder provides an exit pupil of 3.6mm for maximum brightness under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

The eyepiece of the Nikon Monarch Gold Laser rangefinder 1200 is adjustable, with a range of &#43/- 4 diopters, and offers an incredible 18.6mm of eye relief– and it even folds down for use with eyeglasses. In addition, the Nikon Monarch Laser1200 has a real angle of view of 5.0 degrees, translating to a 35 degree apparent angle of view and a field of view of 262 feet at 1,000 yards. Ther is also an easy-to-grip black rubber-armored body. 

Reviews from Cabelas

"Just had the rangefinder a short while and I am impressed with the optics and operability. Have been able to range everything I aimed at out to 1000 yards. It is hard to hold steady at long distances but so are my binocs and spotting scope. The operation is simple enough that I could figure it out without a lot of stress. It works good on the golf course and I look forward to trying it hunting when I get back to the states."

"I recently purchased and returned a competitor’s top end rangefinder. Too difficult to use the dang thing, dim display, no luck ranging objects even when using a tripod.

I borrowed my buddy’s Nikon Monarch for a side by side comparison. No contest, the Nikon Monarch beat my original rangefinder hands down. Simple to use out of the box, easy to read display, the Monarch even picks up targets at night under streetlights, the Monarch is a very good product, also a few bucks less as well.

My new Monarch just arrived. Works great!"

"Have owned two years. Antelope hunt in Wyoming 2008, the Monarch maximum range was 565 yards off large rocks and walls. Definitely no readings off animals or the sagebrush to the needed distance. Nothing even close to the advertised 1200 yards. I have regrets. Accurate to the 565 yards though."

Gold Laser 1200 Rangefinder

The 1200 rangefinder is powered by a CR-2 lithium battery (which is included). It also has a backlit LCD that is 7X multicoated optics with focusing diopter.

Nikon Monarch 1200

It also features long-standing eye-relief for comfortable range. Waterproof instruments also have water immersion nous. Nikon’s Tru-Target ranging set of laws allows for true ranging in all situation by means of far out as 1200 yards.

Callaway Laser Golf Range Finder

Nikon Callaway Golf LR1200 Tournament / Caddy Laser Rangefinder 8365 is the top model for Callaway Golf. 

Buy the Callaway LR1200 now.

This laser ranngefinder provides a quick and accurate distance measurement up to 1200 yards in hlaf yar increments.. This Laser Rangefinder by Nikon features multi-coated Nikon Optics, a high-eyepoint design, and a 7x magnification. A unique golf reticle found on this Callaway Golf Rangefinder allows you to see the ranging as you scan the landscape. A reticle backlighting option-LCD with back light allows the user to light up the display in low-light conditions.

The Callaway Golf LR1200 Rangefinder features first target priority mode which allows you to measure the distance to the pin on a green with woods in the background. This is similar to the Bushnell Pinseeker option. Scan-Mode allows for distancing different targets in succession, for up to 20 seconds just by eeping the button pressed. This rangefinder by Callaway – Nikon is compact, lightweight, and constructed to be waterproof and fogproof.

callaway rangefinder

Features of Nikon Callaway Golf LR 1200 Premium Laser Rangefinder 8365 include:

  • Fast, simple, one-touch operation
  • High-Eyepoint Design
  • Multicoated Optics
  • Waterproof & Fog-Proof
  • Focusing Diopter
  • LCD with backlight
  • Long Eye Relief
  • Capable of distancing different targets in succession, for up to 20 seconds, by keeping the button pressed
  • Reticle allows use to know ranging in progress
  • 1/2 Yard Increment Reading on LCD
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Sport Case with Removable Travel Cover for Objective and Eyepiece

Found on Optics planet –

I recently purchase the Nikon Monarch Gold 1200 and found it superior to the previous Nikon 400 range finder I had before. Its close object priority vs distant object priority is the same as Bushnell’s Pinseeker technology and works great. You do need to turn it on, as by default the NMG1200 is set for distant object priority. The only difference between the Callaway version and the NMG model is the case. I’d rather have the CAllaway neoprine case over the NMG carrying case, but with the price on the Callaway being hyped, they are not discounting it as much as the NMG model. Almost $150 less… I’ll live with the other case. I’ve compared it to the Bushnell (a friend has the Bushnell 1500) and they are both very accurate, the Nikon being a tad bit faster and smaller.