Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour Xl Rangefinder

Review Of Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour Xl Rangefinder

If you are a golf lover and want to be a winner, you need a Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder. Because it gives you excellent range performance to targets from 10 to 999 yards away.

Because this is an excellent gadget that gives you accurate distance on the golf course. The Bushnell Yardage Pro will measure to a bunker, the pin or any other surface perpendicular to the direction you want to go. It also helps you find a small target with the ‘scan mode’.

This golf rangefinder has 5 x 20 golf scope which is a compact 5x power monocular with internal reticle. With this, the Bushnell Yardage Pro estimates the distance quickly and accurately.

Bushnell Yardage Pro Rangefinder has features like carrying case clips onto golf bag, 20-999 yard, extra-long and pin seeker technology.

Besides all these features, there’s an invisible eye-safe laser beam that makes all the difference. The laser beam bounces off the destination to provide you exact distance measurement.

Later, the high-speed digital clock assesses the time required to reach a target and come back to the unit.

Next the rangefinder calculates the distance within &#43 / – 1 yard with advanced digital electronics and shows you the range on LCD display within a second!

Many range finders are designed for hunting. It’s difficult for them to estimate the distance using the flag stick. But this Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder is specially designed for golf.

This golf rangefinder also has a built in and through-the-lens-LCD to provides all that you need. So you’ll find this rangefinder very useful and important on the golf course.

Therefore, you must have a Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder to get the accurate distance, to choose the suitable club and succeed in the golf game.

With this useful information, you can buy the Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder and walk in the golf course confidently!

By: Jerry Taylor

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Review Of Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder

If you are a golf lover and want to be a winner, you need a Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder. Because it gives you excellent range performance to targets from 10 to 999 yards away.

What do you do if you’re asked to play

Review of bushnell yardage pro tour xl rangefinder …tes the distance quickly, easily and accurately with the help of 5 x 20 golf scope. it’s a compact 5x power monocular with internal reticle.

Hunting Rangefinders Review

Brutally Honest Review Of The Best Hunting Rangefinders

If you want to succeed in hunting trips, you need hunting rangefinders. Because you’ve to find out how far a prey is exactly. You should tell confidently ‘it’s 395 yards away’. This is possible only with the best hunting rangefinders.

Such best hunting rangefinders are Nikon Pro Staff Laser 440 Rangefinder, Leupold Wind River RB800C Rangefinder and Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport Rangefinder.

Nikon ProStaff Laser 440 Rangefinder:

The Nikon Rangefinder has an invisible FDA laser technology. So it provides you accurate distance calculation. Though the buck or deer hides partly in the bush, it gives you the correct measure.

Here are the distinct features of this excellent rangefinder:

* Full scanning ability

* 8 power Multicoated optics

* 1/2-yard accuracy

* Scanning Capability

Leupold Wind River RB800C Rangefinder:

This is an excellent 8x binocular rangefinder. This hunting rangefinder is lightweight and handy. You can find out the accurate distance with this rangefinder even if a prey is 575 yards away. Though the prey is moving, still you can get the distance range. And the RB800C feature gives you the direction to your aim with an in-built compass.

Leupold Wind Range finder has two got buttons. One button helps you estimate the distance. And another to change it from yards to meters and meters to yards.

Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport Rangefinder:

This hunting rangefinder has advanced digital technology. So it provides you excellent range performance to targets from 10-1500 yards away. This is the world’s smallest and advanced laser rangefinder available.

The distinct features of this hunting rangefinder are single button operation, 4x magnification and +/-1 yard accuracy.

All the three hunting rangefinders work well in any type of weather conditions and give you the right estimation of the distance. They are water proof too.

Hopefully you’ll find this information very useful to choose the best hunting rangefinder. Buy the one you like and get the best help you need.

By: Jerry Taylor

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Nikon Prostaff 440 Laser Rangefinders

We certainly understand. Well now you can with the terrific sale we have going on the Nikon Prostaff 440 Laser Rangefinders. The 440 Laser Rangefinder is a performance-packed, water resistant digital processsor.

GPS? What to do?

Nikon ProStaff Laser 440, range well over 400 yards, which is enough to encompass most of my shots! Even if I keep my hands rock steady on top of the cart or bag.

Leupold windriver rb800c

Leupold wind river rangefinder binoculars 8×32. these show precise distance to target in meters or yards as well as compass heading to make locating downed game easy. ready to mount on a tripod. semi-hard factory case.

Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 Laser Rangefinder

Take your best shot with confidence with help from a Bushnell Yardage Pro laser rangefinder. Using advanced digital technology, Yardage Pro takes the guesswork out of measuring distances.

Sport 450 Laser Rangefinder – Bushnell

Trust a Bushnell range finder for correct yardage to the pond, bunker or green. With two targeting modes, the Pro Sport 450 range finder will precisely calculate distance to reflective surfaces to 999 yards, trees to 450 yards.

Nikon Rangefinder Reviews – 7431

Detailed Review Of Nikon 7431 Lasercaddy 500g Rangefinder

Are you a Golf player? Do you find it hard to guess the distance to the golf pin from where you are? Then you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder.

Because you’ll discover this laser rangefinder a wonderful gadget made specially for golf. It has excellent features and not expensive!

The software of this laser rangefinder reads the closest target perfectly. This enables readings to the pin itself, rather than trees, golfers or whatever else behind the green.

The automatic scanning feature updates the distance. That is, you may have a reading on the pin. Then look over to find how long it is to clear a bunker or to reach the front of the green etc.

All these features are blended in this compact laser rangefinder. You’ll find it very comfortable to carry as it is just 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5. in size. It also provides you 6x magnification. For non-reflective targets, its ranges is 11 to 550 yards. LCD rating have good contrast.

A CR-2 battery runs this laser rangefinder. This battery downs itself in case you won’t use it for eight seconds.

It’s a pleasure to take this range finder to the driving range to discover how long you can hit every club. This laser rangefinder also excellent to speed up the golf play. No more using of yardage markers.

The most happiest thing to keep in mind is that the USGA accepts devices which measure the distance. So keep with you this laser range finder that helps you choose the right club, more importantly, helps you decide the range of each club.

Concluding, though you can get many high-priced rangefinders, you needn’t spend money lavishly when you can get the same at the moderate prices.

Hopefully this information is helpful to buy the Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder that is wonderful. When you hold this in your hand, judging the distance is no more a problem to you. Your win is certain.

By: Jerry Taylor

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Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder Review

To overcome this situation, and to win the game easily, you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder. You’ll find the Nikon 500G Laser Rangefinder suitable. Because it’s designed specifically for golf and provides good features for the golfer.

Nikon Lasercaddy 500g Rangefinder

Then you need a Nikon 7431 LaserCaddy 500G Rangefinder. Because you’ll discover this laser rangefinder a wonderful gadget made specially for golf. It has excellent features and not expensive.

Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Rangefinder with Slope

Detailed Review Of Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are a golf lover and want to win the game easily, choose Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 20-5103 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Because it helps you avoid yardage mistakes, improves your score and makes you a winner.

The Bushnell PinSeeker Laser Rangefinder is specially made for golf. Its digital technology help you get the accurate distance readings from 5 to 1,500 yards.

The PinSeeker laser rangefinder works fast and lets you know the exact range to &#43/- one yard.

This Bushnell golf laser rangefinder does the entire job perfect with the help of the best features. They are selective targeting modes, excellent optical quality, water proof construction and Bushnell’s Rain Guard coating.

There is also a mode button to let you use the laser range finder in one of three modes. These are PinSeeker, no PinSeeker and PinSeeker with slope compensation.

You can find this laser rangefinder feather light and very simple to use. Switch on the rangefinder. Aim it at the object you want to calculate the distance. Next push on the button. Then the accurate distance is shown within no time. That’s it!

The software of the Bushnell PinSeeker Rangefinder gives you sharp distance measure though you are little excited, shaky or feel tremor.

Then, sooner you can find the slope in or degree angle reading just below the first yardage number in the viewfinder. And below that you can have the final ‘compensated’ yardage. This helps you to select the right club.

This way the Bushnell PinSeeker rangefinder improves your perform on the fairway, off the tee. And it will be a good advantage for you on the driving range.

So, definitely you’ll find the Bushnell PinSeeker Golf Laser Rangefinder a worthwhile investment and quality range finding gadget.

Hopefully this information is helpful to consider the Bushnell PinSeeker Laser Rangefinder that makes you feel rewarded!

By: Jerry Taylor

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Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Laser Range finder 

The Bushnell 1500 laser range finder with slope is designed with the bottom of the cup in mind. The pin seeker 1500 is the newest edition to the Bushnell rangefinder family, and one of the few rangefinders to adjust for changes in slope.

Bushnell Pinseeker 1500

Think of it this way, the Bushnell pinseeker could be the difference between that sweet lie on top of a hill or the tricky uphill lie. Bushnell 1500 laser rangefinders are accurate to &#43/- one yard and boast a 1500 yard range

Top 5 Rated Laser Rangefinders For Golf

Note: as with the Bushnell 1500 Slope edition, the Leupold GX-II is not legal for use in rounds which will be submitted for handicap or in any tournament play. These are the top laser rangefinders on the market.

Bushnell vs. Callaway 

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament Edition. This is the rangefinder that 90% of PGA Tour Pro’s use. The reason why? This version is legal for tournament play and is still the best rangefinder on the market for it’s price

Bushnell Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinders Elite 1500

I bought this Bushnell Elite 1500 Rangefinder to use for golf. It is similar to the Bushnell Pinseeker model and was just a little bit cheaper. I used this product today during a round of golf and found it to be very helpful.

Golf GPS Rangefinder

Golf Gps Systems

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that uses satellites to show its location on the planet. The system offers reliable positioning and navigation constantly and is free to everyone with a GPS receiver. Originally, GPS was not intended for public use, but once it was opened to the public, the system advanced in ways never dreamed of by its inventors. One of developed improvements is a way to help improve one’s golf score.

Golf GPS units are becoming more and more popular. As people arrive to play their game and rent a golf cart, the option is now available to rent a Golf GPS unit as well. The units are used to determine the golfer’s distance from the green and other areas on the course. Basically, the unit consists of a unit with GPS capabilities that holds data about the golf course being played on. This data includes maps and any other information about the golf course that is important to help playing that particular course. The unit stores information regarding a course, or many different courses. In order to receive the information about a specific course, that information must first be downloaded to the system.

There are many benefits to playing a game of golf with this GPS unit. With the information provided, one can know his or her exact distance to the green. This can improve the pace of the game by eliminating the need to step off distances from a yardage marker or using a yardage book for the course. The Golf GPS unit can also track golf balls that contain implanted trackers in them, making it impossible to lose another golf ball. It will not always be an easy retrieval, however, since deep water hazards do still exist.

A number of different options are available when it comes to Golf GPS devices. They come in a variety of sizes and offer different features. Some features include keeping the user aware of the distance from targets while on the course, showing this length with one push of a button. The system shows the golfer any hazards or trees that are in the path of his or her drive. Certain systems may show hazards such as front, center, and back of the green, sand bunkers, water traps, lay-ups, and carries. For even easier access to the GPS information, there are some cell phones that can act as the Golf GPS unit with the right program.

A competing technology to the Golf GPS unit is the laser rangefinder. One advantage of the laser rangefinder is that it does not require any course data. Golf GPS units need the information from that particular course loaded into the unit. A disadvantage of laser rangefinders, however, is the time needed to use it effectively. Golf GPS is a much easier and faster system to use.

For anyone that holds an interest in improving their golf score, a Golf GPS unit is an item that should catch their interest, and people that love golf appreciate them. With the information provided by a Golf GPS device, the strokes are almost guaranteed to fall from your game.

By: Adam Roth-12979

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

OnPar, new addition to Golf GPS rangefinder market

OnPar will store up to 300 golf courses with no membership fees or course map fees and offer the usual features of a GPS rangefinder. This new device will be available early February retailing at $479.95.

Sky Caddie –  Hank Haney & Jim Furyk

The makers of SkyCaddie – the number one rangefinder in golf – have signed world-renowned golf coach Hank Haney and PGA Tour star Jim Furyk to the panel of players, coaches and caddies who champion the use of the market-leading GPS.

uPro Golf GPS

In fact, I have yet to purhchase a GPS unit or a range finder for my own personal use. That being said, this Upro GPS is INSANE!!! Okay, we have talked about the golf GPS stuff before and I said before that I was not ready.

Rangefinder Reviews – For the Outdoorsman

Why Range Finders are Perfect for the Back Country
by: Chuck Fitzgerald

Outdoor enthusiasts love to guess about all sorts of things. We guess how many stars are in the Milky Way, we guess how fast a deer runs or we might even guess about how long it will be until that big, dark cloud dumps rain us. But there are times when guessing in the back country just doesn’t get the job done. Specialty gear is available to help us determine how far we’ve hiked – and in what direction – and other tools are available to help take the guesswork out of purifying water. But there is a another useful tool overlooked by many avid back country visitors – the rangefinder.

Rangefinders are used in a number of commercial applications – surveying, mapping, mining, etc. – however for our purposes we will be discussing the portable laser rangefinder used by outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen.

gear guide rangefinder

Laser rangefinders calculate the distance to an object by bouncing a laser beam off of the object and measuring the lapsed time until the beam returns. Since the calculation is based upon the return of the beam, it stands to reason that a more reflective object can be measured at a greater distance than a less reflective object. Readily available models are accurate to within one yard and have the ability to measure distances to reflective targets up to 1500 yards away – that’s nearly a mile – and they’re accurate under nearly any condition.

The past few years have seen a number of technology advances across all rangefinder price ranges. Many models are lightweight, are easily operated with one hand, can measure through rain or snow, can see through nearby clutter, function well in low light, contain integrated optical magnification and are 100% waterproof. Additionally there have been vast improvements lately to lens coatings, battery life and information display.

If distances are important to your activity, you need a rangefinder. BackCountry features – rocks, trees, lakes, mountains, ravines, cliffs – have a tendency to distort one’s depth perception. It is easy to misjudge even short distances. The most widely used application of rangefinders is in measuring shot distances by hunters. Whether you are hunting waterfowl or elk, distance to your game is the most critical factor in placing an effective shot. Bow hunters would never hunt without their rangefinder, the difference between 45 yards and 50 yards for a bow hunter is the difference between success and failure. Rangefinders are also used by golfers for determining club selection, by hikers to determine the best route to travel and by campers, boaters and wildlife observers for a wide variety of distance measuring purposes.

The next time you plan to spend time in our wondrous backcountry consider taking a rangefinder along with you. If you’ve never looked through a rangefinder, you don’t know what you’re missing. With a quality rangefinder, guessing distances just became old news. Use this information and you’ll Get It Right The First Time. Get Outdoors!

About The Author

Chuck Fitzgerald is Owner and President of Arizona based BackCountry Toys, an online store providing backcountry specialty gear and educational information for outdoor enthusiasts. Visit www.BackCountryToys.com to receive the free newsletter “FreshAir’ or call (800) 316-9055.

Hunting Rangefinder

The Hottest And Latest Hunting Technology And Gadgets Today
 by: Dylan Miles

Sometimes, the things and gadgets that you think are the least useful will prove you wrong in the end. And in a potentially dangerous sport like hunting, having all the right hunting gadgets that technology brings you can be a matter of life and death. Let’s take a solar powered torchlight as an example. Don’t think it’d be of any use to you? Well, imagine the kind of convenience and security measure it would provide you if you had it and you run out of battery supplies.

Furthermore, the solar powered torchlight doesn’t need batteries and they can operate for over long periods at night even when there’s no sunlight because they have the capability of storing energy in their internal batteries.

And yes, of course, hunting is a skill-game. The only way to get really good at hunting is not by way of having as many hunting gadgets in your backpack as possible. The only way to get good at hunting is by practicing, practicing and practicing. You can have a 500-yard hunting rifle, laser rangefinders and whatever-else-you-can-find-on-and-off-the-internet and yet, without the right skills, you will do not much better than without the hunting gadgets.

leupold range finder

But imagine, if you’re OK in the hunting game and you have some cool and funky hunting gadgets with you, it WILL make a difference. With some skill, hunting gadgets like the precision hunting rifle and motion detectors will come in really handy!

One of the most amazing hunting gadgets to have handy is the Rangefinders (I personally love the Simmons Rangefinder) which gives you the confidence of shooting with unparalleled accuracy. Because with each shot, the Rangefinder will recalibrate, you get more and more accurate with each shot. Therefore, even an amateur hunting enthusiast can be quite successful during the hunting trips. The right Rangefinder should be resistant to weather elements like rain and extreme heat. And the Rangefinder’s performance should not be affected AT ALL with rain and close-by objects like leaves, branches and leaves. The best Rangefinders in the market should be as silent as your footsteps whenever you’re hunting. Other factors you should check out before you buy a new Rangefinder is the weight of the hunting gadget, the complexity of setup, ease of use, size of the hunting gadget and how fast does the battery run out. If the Rangefinder has a speed gun function…all the better but an expert in hunting can probably live without it. The hunting gadget should be accurate to within a foot off the target. Anything less than that, forget it.

About The Author

Dylan Miles, journalist, and website builder, lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of http://www.huntingtrophy.info on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.


Difference Between Golf and Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinders For Outdoor Sports

Laser rangefinders at one time were bulky, expensive, and used primarily by the military. With advancements in technology, rangefinders have become so compact that most models will fit in your pocket, and prices are as low as a couple of hundred dollars. They’ve also become popular for hunting, golfing, hiking, and other sports where knowing precise distances aids in performance.

There are scores of rangefinders available for specific purposes, each with their own specialized features. All, however, operate on the same basic principle: the rangefinder projects a laser beam out to an object; the beam reflects off the object back to the rangefinder; and the rangefinder calculates the time between the transmission and the reception of the beam to establish the distance.

The distance a rangefinder can accurately measure depends upon the rangefinder itself, but also depends upon the reflectivity of the object being measured. For example, a shiny metal sign will reflect more light than will the bark on a tree or the fur on a deer. Thus a shiny object such as a metal sign can be ranged out to well over 1,000 yards, while a deer can be ranged out to 300 to 400 yards. The angle of the object being ranged affects the measurable distance as well. If the object is perpendicular to the laser beam it will reflect more of the beam back to the rangefinder, while an object that’s at an angle will reflect less of the beam back to the rangefinder.

When the object being ranged doesn’t reflect enough light for an accurate reading, an alternative is to range a more reflective nearby object as reference. Deer hunters will often scout an area the day before they intend to hunt, and range objects for reference in areas where they expect deer to appear.

Most rangefinders have features that go beyond measuring simple distances. Models made for hunting and golf will often include inclinometers that measure the slope of the terrain to the measured object, and use trigonometry to calculate the precise distance to the object.

Many hunting rangefinders feature a ballistics mode that calculates the bullet drop at a specific distance, based upon ballistics information for a particular caliber, bullet weight and velocity. Some of these models will display the amount of hold-over required for the target at the measured range.

Certain models of golf rangefinders have a feature that lets the user focus on the flag on the green while ignoring objects around the flag.

Many rangefinders also include features that allow the user to range an object through rain or brush.

Nearly all rangefinders have a certain amount of magnification for viewing, much like binoculars. After all, you need to be able to see an object before you can range it. The amount of magnification you require depends upon your particular needs. A varmint hunter who routinely shoots out to 1000 yards would find high magnification useful, while a golfer would find that a lower magnification allows him to view more of the course.

Another consideration that’s important when selecting a rangefinder is the unit’s construction. If your sport doesn’t entail harsh weather or rough terrain, a model that’s weather-resistant is probably fine for you. However, if you anticipate the unit being subjected to rain, snow, as well as bumps and falls, you’ll want to consider weatherproof housings, rubber armoring, waterproof optics and other features to protect the unit’s electronics.

When affordable rangefinders first hit the market, their use was regarded by some as cheating. Today, though, responsible hunters recognize their value in getting a clean, humane shot. And most rangefinders are now legal for use in PGA tournament play.

The times have changed, and for the better.

By: Richard A. Baker

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Richard A. Baker is the publisher of GunShopFinder.com. More information by Richard A. Baker can be found at Hunting Rangefinders and Golf Rangefinders.

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